The City Church seeks to strengthen the Body of Christ through relevant Bible-centered teaching. We are a non-denominational Christian church holding to God’s Word for unchanging direction and enduring hope.

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Audio recordings of some older sermons are below.

1st and 2nd Timothy; Titus

1st Timothy 2

1st Timothy 1 — Church 101


Palm Sunday


Sermons about Bible verses suggested by members of the congregation
that have been ‘anchors’ they’ve held onto in stormy times.

12. He’s Coming Back

11. Keep the Faith

10. Don’t Give Up!

9. Aroma of Christ
– Also special music and message by missionaries Sammy and Kylie Horner

8. Forgiving Father

7. It’s All About Love

6. Lift Your Eyes

5. Refuge

4. Stinkin’ Thinkin’

3. Trust

1. God’s Word


11. Community

10. Christ Has Set You Free

9. Adoption

8. The New Covenant

7. Missed It by That Much

6. Back to the Beginning

5. Justified

4. To Eat or Not to Eat

3. Ten Commandments – What’s the Point?

2. How Bad is Too Bad?

1. There Can Be Only One